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Examples of SAP Documents

Envision Mayo

Neighbors of the Mayo Peninsula has coordinated a set of community meetings that have provided citizens of the area an opportunity to review their 2002 SAP, discuss shared values, issues, and concerns, propose potential solutions, and create a 2030 vison of the future. The Mayo area faces several imminent problems related to land use, and community engagement was exemplary.   A report summarizing the community meetings and outlining community concerns was released in June 2018 and may be viewed by clicking here.

Broadneck SAP update

The Broadneck Council of Communities is in the final phase of a review and update of their 2001 SAP and has presented a draft of their document to the county.  The work was carried out by 10-12 leaders of member organizations who each took responsibility for segments of the old plan and met twice per month for integration of the updated version.  Details of the revised plan will be posted here as they become available.

South County Small Area Vision

There is general agreement in South County that the vision and recommendations of the 2001 SAP are still valid.  To confirm that observation and provide a document that makes a clear and strong statement to those drafting the new GDP,  ALC facilitated a joint  statement by four citizens groups in the original South County Small Area and several members of the 2001 South County SAP committee that summarizes their vision for the future.  The endorsed vision statement represents the perspective of approximately 500 South County citizens.  The vision statement can be viewed by clicking here.

Historic Jessup SAP

Over a period of several months, members of the Jessup Improvement Association met to create a vision for the future of their community for presentation to Anne Arundel County.  Their detailed report addresses characteristics of the community, zoning, septic, soil information, traffic, storm water management, aircraft noise, and rail transit and draws from these to describe the community's vision of the future.  Click here to view the vision.

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