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The ALC Small Area Plan Clearinghouse

The Alliance for Livable Communities has as its primary focus the goal of enhancing the interface between AA County citizens and the County government through the mechanism of the General Development Plan (GDP).  The county is mandated by the state to produce a GDP, and it is a potentially powerful way for citizens to provide guidance to the County about land use and related topics.

     Small Area Planning is an important part of the process leading to a GDP, but the 2019 GDP will only have SAPs produced in the 2001-2003 time frame as guidance.  These prior SAPs can be viewed at the County Small Area Planning webpage.  

     Although the early SAPs are broadly thought to be applicable to the current time, generally some updating is needed.  Small area planning exercises will not be initiated by the County until after completion of the 2019 SAP.  However, several citizens groups are considering or have undertaken proactive updating of their local Small Area visions and plans, for submission to the 2019 GDP drafting committee as well as other uses. 

     As part of its citizen-county interface effort, the Alliance offers assistance to citizens groups wishing to proactively initiate SAP-related work.   ALC will facilitate these efforts by serving as a clearinghouse for background information, contact information, and examples of recent citizen SAP documents, as well as providing individual assistance as needed.

For additional information or questions contact ALC at

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