Our Mission

The Anne Arundel Alliance for Livable Communities is a coalition of local and state organizations advocating for well-managed growth and environmental protections to safeguard and enhance residents’ quality of life. 


The Anne Arundel County Alliance for Livable Communities is a non-partisan coalition. ALC is not aligned with any candidate and does not make endorsements. ALC will meet with any candidate upon request to discuss our mission and priorities.

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To achieve our vision for Anne Arundel County, we will focus our efforts on the county General Development Plan (GDP), Regional Plans, Master Plans and the City of Annapolis Comprehensive Plan updates, especially in five key areas.

1. Fostering citizen awareness and engagement on growth issues.
2. Increasing transparency and public participation in the county’s planning and development processes.
3. Advising decision makers on fiscally and environmentally sustainable growth, and holding them accountable.
4. Speaking out for drinkable, swimmable, fishable water and clean air.
5. Promoting communities that are livable, workable, walkable, and bikeable.

Priority Issue

Development of a new GDP is underway. The Anne Arundel County Alliance for Livable Communities is a coalition of dozens of county and state organizations representing tens of thousands of county residents. The Alliance is focused on ensuring that the new GDP:

  1. Is created via a transparent process that offers meaningful opportunities for public engagement throughout.

  2. Presents a path to an economically and environmentally sustainable future.

  3. Fully integrates land use, transportation, environment and public facilities and services so development does not outpace our infrastructure at the expense of quality of life.  More...


County Council will vote on acceptance of Plan2040 on May 3.


The County Council received Plan2040 on Feb 1 and has been internally reviewing the document.  It was opened to public testimony at the Mar 1 meeting.  As a result of Council review, 128 amendments were made to the plan, about one-half related to Land Use designations.  Full text of all amendments is posted at the County Council webpage.   

Regional planning for the County's nine regions will be carried out in groups of three with the first group starting in the next couple of months.  All AACo citizens and organizations are encouraged to closely monitor and participate in the the Regional Planning process for their Region